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Libby Louer

Libby Louer

Libby tells us about her healing journey and how she found her own way.

Finding your path to self healing

I’m pleased to bring you this interview with Libby — she is a mama, a wealth of knowledge, and a superstar wellness advocate in the making. Her approach to wellness in her blog inspires me and she offers great tips for improving health and wellness that are effective & anyone can do.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your philosophy on healing.

I’m a busy mama of two sweet little kids (ages 3yrs & 3 mos), a social worker by day, and a holistic health coach by night. I eat a Paleo-ish diet, I love red wine, and I’m addicted to grain-free desserts.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your business and your vision:

My path has been a confusing and at times frustrating one. I did a health coaching program through IIN.

Following my experiences with my own health problems and realizing that there was no medicine to cure me, I recognized that we all have to take our health into our own hands, we are the only ones who can truly keep ourselves healthy. I wanted to spread that message far and wide, but I realized once I got out there, that I just don’t like marketing myself!  I discovered blogging, which fits beautifully with my introverted nature. I can also provide a ton of information to the masses, for free. I’m a cheapie, so I found a model that I would actually use myself.

Q: What is your philosophy on healing or overcoming health challenges.

Follow your intuition. Trust your gut. I have had some crazy healing experiences arise just from coincidence, intuition, and having faith in the body’s ability to heal. That said, your intuition is what your heart says. It’s not what your brain says, and it’s not what your stomach says. Don’t give in to your fear, your anxiety, or your junk food cravings.

Q: How have you used adversity in your life to fuel your commitment to balance and wellness?

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2011 after a very rough post-partum year. I quickly learned that my doctors didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to help me, and that I would need to resolve this issue on my own. Because there was no other option, I took complete control of my health, changed my diet, researched every single condition, medication, supplement, side effect….I became a bit obsessive. But I had no other choice. When faced with the decision to heal or end up on disability, I knew what my path had to be.

Q: How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?  

No SUGAR. Seriously, I am a sweets-a-holic, and I know that eating sugar makes me feel awful. Like I said, I’m paleo-ish, and that’s a diet I feel great about. Also getting enough sleep each night. I have been going to bed at 10pm for the past decade and I don’t think I could function any other way. I love to meditate, do yoga, and practice gratitude to manage my stress. And of course I love my essential oils for mood stability and overall wellness.

Q: What tips do you recommend for your clients dealing with / healing from illness?’

1. Practice gratitude. You can get so hung up on being a sick person, and that will only make you sicker. By focusing your brain on wellness you start to forget about all your symptoms, so by default you feel less sick.

2. Know what works for you and do it. Research, experiment, become the expert on your condition. Try alternative things (with doctor’s permission of course).

Q: If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

Healthy eating. Everything you eat either heals you or harms you. Choose wisely.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote for healing?

“Let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Libby Louer is social worker, holistic health coach, wife and mom of 2. Libby is a lover of essential oils, real food, and natural healthcare. With the help of mega-doses of vitamins and an obsession with research, Libby was able to heal from chronic Lyme disease and autoimmune issues. She writes about natural healing at

You can also find her at:



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