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Joanne Cohen

Joanne Cohen

The are few who embody the divine feminine so fully as Joanne.  Through her work, her mentoring and her healing practice she touches women who are ready for deep change – and helps them bring that change forward in their lives with ease, grace, beauty, and power.  Learn about tips for presence to flower essences for uncovering the hidden causes of imbalance and be inspired and activated by her light and LOVE vibration. Joanne’s angelic light is infectious.  Enjoy. She can be found online at

Lindsay and Joanne talk about tapping in to your innate healing wisdom.

Healing through Divine Essence

Q: Tell us a little about yourself

I consider myself a Women’s Wisdom Guide, a truth-seeker, a student of the plants and trees, lover of magic, believer in the power of sisterhood, and perpetual student.  Through my own health journey and mentoring women over the last 14 years, I am committed to supporting women heal their hormonal health AND step into the realm of their desires.

Q: Tell us about your path to creating your business and your vision.

When I first was training as an herbalist, flower essence therapist, and counselor, I didn’t think about my business and a greater vision.  I just knew that these were paths that I HAD to walk.  And now after witnessing so many women unfold and blossom through this work, I realize that my mission is actually quite large.

My path is in devotion to women.  And I have been “Schooled” in the ways of woman through my private practice.  Besides having a one-on-one private practice supporting women’s hormones, I was a Birth Doula, Midwife Assistant, and Childbirth Educator for 8 years.  I have constantly been pulled into the ways of the feminine.

My vision is that women make their health (emotional, spiritual, and physical) a priority.. that they realize the importance of  nourishing themselves.  And that they realize their power lies in their ladyparts!

Q: What is your philosophy on healing or overcoming health challenges.

What I want most for myself and my clients is to HEAL.  This is very different from health. Healing is deeper, more intricate, and takes you on a journey.  Health is more of an ideal or a goal to be reached.

My philosophy is that every physical health challenge is rooted in our emotional past – our past pains, wounds, hurts, and/or traumas.   Generally when we experience heartache, we shove the feelings down because they are too painful.  Over time, these woundings imprint in our tissues, our cells, and our psyche.  Physical health issues manifest.   If we can touch into the wound and access the root, healing occurs.

I know that in order to overcome any health challenge, the first step is for a woman to believe that she is worth it.   She must say YES to a greater vision for herself.

Q: How have you used adversity in your life to fuel your commitment to balance and wellness?

I think for most of us, adversity teaches us who we truly are.  We come face to face with our strengths and our challenges.  And this becomes the fuel for us to transform our current reality.  I always tell women that anger, frustration, disappointment become the impetus to change their current health or life circumstances.

In my life, I have faced a mix of emotional and health challenges.  At the age of 22, I found myself angry, living halfway, and completely confused.  I found myself with chronic yeast infections and painful menstrual cycles.  I knew that there was a better way to live and I set out on a journey towards freedom.

Q: How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

This is an ongoing process for me.  In the mornings, I read an inspiring book for at least 15 minutes.  I drink warm lemon water.  I take my herbs that keep my adrenals and hormones happy and balanced.  I drink my green juice to stay alkalized. I take my flower essence formulas if I am working through a limiting belief about myself or pushing up against patterns or closures that don’t serve me.  I eat organic meals fresh from the farmers market.

I try to go for walks, put my feet on the Earth, sometimes I have mid-day dance parties.

Mostly, I stay linked to who I am as a woman or who I want to become MORE of.  That becomes my roadmap and that is ever-changing!  I communicate a lot.  I reach out to my sisters.  I reach out to my mentors to help me stay on track and towards my desires.

Q: What tips do you recommend for your clients dealing with / healing from illness?

Keep choosing YOU.  Sometimes the journey to healing is easy and flowing and sometimes, it is challenging and can feel endless.  Take a step everyday no matter what.  And, find an amazing mentor/practitioner and community who has walked in your shoes and can assist you to keep saying YES.  This is one of the most important aspects to healing as we all need support, motivation, and hand holding.

Thank your body for all of the hard work that she does constantly.   She has created illness as a way to cope from something else going on.  Our bodies are so incredibly brilliant and are constantly seeking balance.  Touch her, squeeze her, caress her and give gratitude for the gifts she provides.

Q: If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

We have a tendency to focus on what is not working or what we still want more of.  And we end up feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed.  What if we shift our focus?  What if we thought about how to fill or nourish ourselves and made that a priority?

What are 3 things that absolutely fill you up…Juice you up?  What brings you pleasure?  It could be anything – dancing, gardening, sex, painting, journaling, watching movies, cooking, manicures, hangin with your girlfriends.  Once you have 3, choose to do one of those things at least one time per week.  Making pleasure a non-negotiable is  imperative because this is how you resource yourself and avoid irritation and deprivation.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote for healing?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anaïs Nin

Joanne Ameya Cohen is  an author, speaker, and Women’s Wisdom Guide who empowers women to heal their hormonal and reproductive health  Through herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, counseling, and shamanic practices, Joanne mentors women to flourish and nurture themselves.


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