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Denise Dare

October 21, 2014
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Denise Dare

Denise Dare is a self-proclaimed “Happiness” artist. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the depth and power of what that means. Denise is a wellness coach, mama, and earth steward and love activist who knows first hand the power of mindset, joy, and mindset on our health and wellbeing.

Having lived with chronic pain and urinary tract issues since infancy, Denise has mastered the art of walking her talk and using basic, acessible, but powerful tools to maximizing the joy and potential of each moment and every day we are given. EVEN in the face of chronic illness, stress or overwhelm.

In this Shift Series interview we touch on what holds us back from fully claiming our potential for inner calm, peace and joy – and how we can use simple core routines to open to our capacity for compassion and healing.

(We also touch on how emotions such as “anger” or frustration actually contribute to our health challenges and stress and what to do about it – turns out Denise is an expert “anger” buster too!)

I’m also so grateful for how Denise’s work in the world is rooted in the awareness that as our capacity for loving ourselves, and feeling joy within ourselves expands – so does our capacity to love one another and the planet.

I know we’ll be hearing more from Denise in the future – she has a lot to say and a lot of gold to share – this is just the beginning.

With love & gratitude,

Lindsay and Denise talk about peace and joy.


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Denise Dare and I’m so grateful to be here.

I am currently most happy just kickin’ it with my amazing family and friends, practicing the art of self love, writing, practicing yoga {since I was 18 years old!}, appreciating beauty, creating, {home} educating my daughters, adventuring in our world, gardening + growing food, nourishing my family, nurturing our Earth, giving wholeheartedly, {practicing!} loving unconditionally, and living joyfully each day.

I’m happily married to a “recuperating Jarhead” {in his own words} and appreciate the depths of connection, growth, and tenderness that we have learned with one another…partnership is the journey of a lifetime.

I love my freedom {and my rad honey’s support} to nurture our two vibrant daughters every day. Being present and playful with Juls & Bela is a privilege and a gift. Our girls continue to teach me and encourage me to be my best self every moment.

As a writer, teacher, and mentor, I am on a mission to inspire women to love themselves more, play more, feel more free, and cultivate more joy on their journeys in life + business.

What is your philosophy on healing or overcoming health challenges.

My first step is always to recognize the grand picture of my life and acknowledge what is happening in my body, mind, and soul.
I look to see where things are out of balance and notice if there is something natural, simple, non~harmful that I can do to help realign my body with well~being.
I take a holistic approach, and I do my best to be as gentle, compassionate, and loving with my body and mind as possible.
I believe in the power of our thoughts and our energy.
I believe that the more joy I cultivate in my life, the greater my ability to face health challenges with ease.
I believe wellness is a practice and a lifelong journey…we are ever changing and expanding into deeper understanding and harmony as we open ourselves to well~being.

How have you used adversity in your life to fuel your commitment to balance and wellness?

Like so many, it was dis~ease in my body that stirred my desire to find natural and holistic approaches to my own healing.
I grew up taking antibiotics daily to prevent urinary tract infections because my ureters were not long enough to prevent urine from refluxing back into my kidneys and my mama declined surgery, which at that time was the only other option offered by the many doctors she consulted.
Once I grew into womanhood, my urinary challenges led me to explore the more natural approaches to healing, including using herbs, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, supplements, and flower essences. I learned that food can be medicine and that drinking plenty of water throughout the day has the power to boost our well~being.
Another massive health challenge came in my adolescence, when I suffered whiplash on three occasions. It was the ongoing pain along with my doctor’s recommendation to “just take Advil” each day that encouraged me to search for something different that would be more soothing and less harmful on my body.
In my hope to feel better, I decided to take a yoga class. Practicing yoga that first time was the beginning of a magical journey that continues to this day, nearly 18 years later. Learning to breathe, be present, become aware of my body, build my strength and flexibility…I learned how to honor and attend to my own energy. It was one of the first steps in my practice of self loving care. My yoga practice has helped me feel better all these years. I’m ever grateful for this practice that brings me back to me.

How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

I choose to make my well~being a priority.
I practice thinking loving thoughts about myself and my life.
I choose nourishing foods to revitalize my body {and I practice the 80/20 rule so I don’t drive myself crazy trying to be perfect!}.
I hydrate my body with water all day every day. {Yes, I am that woman with the stainless steel reusable water bottle with her EVERYWHERE. Literally. And, I’m teaching my girls to do the same thing.}
I give myself permission to rest when I need it. I sleep enough for my body each night. I lay down and put my legs up the wall when I’m feeling depleted. I ask for help when I feel overwhelmed.
I allow myself to follow my joy. I use my intuition to decide what feels like a hell yes in my life…and allow myself to say no to things that don’t feel inspired. And I invite fun, play, and pleasure into my life experience.
I surround myself with inspiration: words, books, music, beauty, experiences, friends, family. I consciously choose to be around people and things that uplift me.
I practice yoga and meditation. 18 years and counting. This practice is essential to my well~being. Every time I come to my mat, I am changed, refreshed, open…ready for more wonder and joy in my life.
I write. A lot. When life feels like too much, I know that coming back to my pages will help me let go of those thoughts swirling anxiously around my mind. And give me space to focus on what it is I do want to feel. When I write, I explore my desires and my dreams. I practice appreciating, and this always helps me feel better in my mind, body, and soul.

What tips do you recommend for your clients dealing with / healing from illness?

Trust in yourself, your experience, and your journey.
Acknowledge and appreciate that we are perfectly imperfect.
Ask for help when you want and need it.
Ask lots of questions. Keep seeking. Stay open to possibility.
Remember that your thoughts affect how you feel. Be aware of your mindset. Practice choosing loving thoughts toward yourself.
Surrender to what is happening. Let go of guilt or judgment toward yourself or your dis~ease. And still stay connected to your desire for well~being.
Believe that you can heal. Believe that you are good enough as you are. Believe in you.
Nurture yourself the way you would your own child. Give yourself tender loving kindness and care.

If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

Focusing your thoughts on loving yourself completely every day.

What is your favorite inspirational quote for healing?

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi

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Denise Dare is a soulful lifestyle and business mentor who believes that love is the way. Through her writing, teaching, and mentoring, Denise inspires us to move forward with clarity, courage, and confidence, so we feel free to shine our lights, to see through the eyes of pure love, and to create more space for ease and joy in our lives.

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