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Chronic Wellness Tracker

Have you ever used an application to track what is working for you and what isn’t on your healing journey? We have created an online application where you can do just that.

It’s easy and fast and the benefits of seeing your progress over time are immense. You can share your report with your practitioners, make your appointments more effective and get better treatment as a result.

Use your resources effectively. Using a tracker helps save time, energy and money:

symptom tracking allows for objective data analysis
better communication with and between professionals
identify high-priority symptoms
identify symptom patterns
evaluate treatment effectiveness
streamline disease management

gain an objective understanding of your disease
simplify your experience of your disease
control your symptom history
show caregivers how you are feeling and progressing
identify caregivers who are actually helping
eliminate ineffective treatments based on your data

eliminate ineffective treatments and supplements
reduce practitioner visits

heal more quickly
bring data to focus practitioner appointments on high-priority needs

reduce stress
take the guess work out of your disease management


Thank you so much for this incredible tool! It's so user-friendly and doesn't take me nearly as long as writing in a 'symptom journal'. I wasn't doing a very good job anyway! Thank you so so much for making this part of my life easier!

Try the tracker for free and start tracking your way to better health.