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Chara Armon

March 10, 2015
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Chara Armon

From the first moment we connected by phone months ago I knew I had found someone truly unique and magical in the realm of recovery and the healing arts.

Chara is a unique blend of incredible “book smarts” with the biggest heart and most beautiful earth loving soul you will ever meet.

It is my incredible honor to have collaborated with Chara on her “Transformation through Autoimmune Disease” Summit webinar, and my even greater pleasure to share her wisdom with you here.

This is one for a cozy chair and a wonderful cup of tea. (bring your journal too!)

In gratitude,

Lindsay and Chara talk about the Spiritual Side of Healing from Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a teacher, mother, wife, and gardener.  I love my family, the human race, trees, stones, animals, and the Earth.  My work focuses on exploring and healing the human relationship to the natural world.  I’m on a decades-long personal wellness journey and I’m now sharing it with others as I expand my teaching into the online realm.  In my online teaching, my aim is to help women connect to nature in order to nurture their own wellness and contribute to the natural world’s wellness.

What is your philosophy on healing or overcoming health challenges.

I view the health journey as one that is intertwined with a person’s spiritual path.  Although I have experienced a number of health struggles, each one has turned out to be a guide or turning point in my larger spiritual/emotional/professional/service journey.

For most of my life I have had a genetic condition called Celiac Disease, which was undiagnosed for quite a while.  I’ve also worked to resolve significant muscle fatigue and stiffness, substantial adrenal fatigue, and some other autoimmune problems and challenges with anxiety.  I’m a passionate explorer of health approaches ranging from energy medicine to nutrition, supplements, Earthing, and flower essences, all of which have supported my healing.  Two shifts have occurred for me recently in how I see the process of overcoming health challenges.  One is that I’m seeing more clearly that it’s good to turn to expert healers for help, but that my wellness is fuller and deeper when I’m using my intuition and internal spiritual guidance to heal myself.  The second shift is leading me to see wellness as deeply inter-related to the natural world and the lives of other people.  To put that another way, I now believe that “wellness” is a group endeavor: through the ways we treat each other and the Earth, every living being on the planet is involved in every other being’s wellness or lack of it.  We’re all inter-related in our needs and our reliance on the Earth, so for me ‘healing’ now means healing the Earth as I heal myself, and supporting other people’s wellness as I nurture my own.

How have you used adversity in your life to fuel your commitment to balance and wellness?

I have experienced some adversity in my family of origin, and for over twenty years have had significant difficulties with my health, some of which at times have limited my ability to function.  I’ve had moments of despair, but on the whole my challenges have given me a strong urge to continuously seek for the next tool, understanding, or assistance that can add greater balance and wholeness to my life and enhance my ability to serve my callings.  I’ve always felt, “There is a healthy person inside of me—how do I give her space to emerge?”  Experiencing ill health has made me care about health with more passion.  “Balance” and “wellness” are words I can use to describe my overall worldview: just as I’m seeking balance and wellness for myself, I’m actively seeking it for other people and for all the life forms on the Earth.  My own struggles have heightened

my belief that wellness is a journey all humans are on, while the natural world is here to support us and to receive our appreciation and tending.

How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

Energy work, spirituality, and nutrition and diet are key for me. (I eat gluten-free, and right now I flourish the most on a grain-free, vegetable-rich Paleo-type eating plan.  Although I was vegetarian for my first 25 years and would love to return to that eating approach, at this time it’s not what my body allows.)  I tend to push myself too far, too fast and forget to leave time for my body to catch up, so I’m learning to prioritize sleep, meditation, and other ways to rejuvenate.  For me it’s important to balance active efforts in the world with family time and solitude.  I walk daily, do some yoga, practice Eden Energy Medicine on myself and my family, benefit from flower essences, take supplements, and select natural body-care and beauty products.  I’m learning to incorporate spiritual guidance more fully into my life, and to connect to the natural world daily for stability, inspiration, and mutual nurturing.  My dream is to do Pilates regularly and be able to jog weekly—maybe someday!

What tips do you recommend for your clients dealing with / healing from illness?

My focus currently is to mentor people in exploring how connection to the natural world supports their healing and wellness at every level.

If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority what would it be?

Deepening her spirituality so she can hear inner and Divine guidance about her life path.

What is your favorite inspirational quote for healing?


“In attuning yourself to the realm of subtle energies, you have not only been paving an avenue toward better health and greater vitality, you have stepped into a world where your soul’s purpose penetrates through the veil of your busy life.  May you abide in its radiance.  Blessed be.”  — Donna Eden, Energy Medicine


test1Chara Armon draws attention to the need and opportunity to heal human and Earth health as the same endeavor, for mutual flourishing. (Facebook page)

Twitter @ArmonChara

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