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The morning light peeks through the shades and, with a boorish buzz from your alarm, you are awake. You stretch and yawn, pleading with the clock to give you just five more minutes. Your brain still humming with lingering dreams, you slip out of your sheets; your heavy feet greet the cold floor, shuffling their way to the bathroom. You brush your teeth as you scroll through your Instagram feed and your to-do list begins its ticker tape routine in your head. Does this sound like a familiar pattern?

This April, let us give you a few simple ways to return to your senses and make your morning routine a little less routine. We’ll break it down into the five senses so you have a clear plan at the end of this post to make your daily shower a thing of beauty.


What does your shower look like? If it’s a messy jumble of bottles and soaps and scrubby things and kids’ toys, can you take a little time to make it prettier? If you want your shower to feel like a sanctuary, you need it to look inviting and calm, rather than another corner you don’t feel like facing. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive - just tidy.

Nocturnal shower lovers, set the scene. Can you dim the lights? Or even better, do you have any candles you can set up in the bathroom? Let the light cast soft shadows that dance across your walls.


Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest that you lick the soap. But, you can make taste part of your routine! How about sipping on some hot lemon water or your favorite tea while you’re in the bathroom in the morning? Or perhaps a rewarding glass of wine to punctuate the end of the day.


Once you are in the bathroom, observe the silence for a moment. The bathroom door blocking all other noises — a safe sound haven. Reach for your dry brush; listen contentedly to the uniform strokes of the unrushed bristles sweeping across your skin. Your whole body starts to wake up, percolating like the bold cup of coffee or tea you’re sipping by now.

If you need a little energy, push play on this upbeat morning playlist, listen as it fills the corners of the room and makes your body start to move. Need something soothing to unwind before bed? You can use our go-to crooner Gregory Alan Isakov to unravel your mind and body for the night.


Turn the shower on and let the cool mist hit your face enticing you to step inside. Take your first steps into your calm cocoon; the warm water shapeshifts to welcome you. Embrace the warmth, much like you anticipate greeting the first balmy spring day. Stand in mountain pose, rooted through all four corners of your feet, as the water makes it way from your head to your toes. Take a moment to feel the water wet your hair, snaking its way down your body and washing away tension and worries.

Feel your face warm and flush from the heat as you begin to wash your face. You can open your favorite exfoliator or lather up with your favorite facial soap. Take time to feel your fingertips massaging your face as you feel the surface slowly transform into pure, delicate, and supple skin.

Do the same routine with your body as you either scrub or wash - don’t just rush through it. Wash your skin as if you were bathing your child, then enjoy the waterfall feeling of rinsing yourself clean.


As you stand in the shower, scatter essential oils in the corners, away from the flow of water; the balmy bathroom fills with an aromatic vapor. Allow the oils to cloud your thoughts for a blissful moment or two. For a morning shower, choose a peppy pick-me-up oil like grapefruit, basil, or peppermint. To ease you toward sleep, consider lavender, frankincense, or mandarin.

If you’re trying to pull yourself from a fog, grab your Coffee Mint soap from its dainty dish, rub it between your hands and breathe in the aromatic lather. Smell the spearmint suds as they trace perfect clean paths across your skin. If you need to let go of the day, pick our Lavender Shea soap for its soothing but subtle aroma.

While your body is still dripping, reach for your body oil, slowly rub a little between your hands and cup them in front of your face as you inhale deeply. Then watch the delicate beads of oil slowly disappear into your skin as you rub the oil and water mixture into your skin and breathe in the captivating scents. For the early birds, we recommend our Light Body Oil, and we love Night Body Oil for our after-dark friends.

Step out of the shower and watch the wet footprints on the floor mark your path. As you leisurely turn towards the bathroom door, you hesitate to turn the knob; the moment you leave this bathroom your duties, your inbox, and your kids will greet you proudly at the door. But, now you are ready — prepared to take it all on.  

Know why? Because you took time for yourself: you created a revitalizing ritual instead of a mundane routine, and now you feel the solid ground beneath your wet feet again. You’ve had your new and improved sanctuary shower and the day is better because of it.  

 With love and April showers from us to you,

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